The Lovers, The Dreamers & Me

Did anyone else see this and get sort of excited? I sure did, but then again, I am Supernerd, so, yeah.


And this is post #699. I'm one away from 700. Any ideas on what I should give away?


huston/lilia said...

this makes me so happy i'm going to have to get a smoothie.

b3n said...

So a smoothie acts as an all around mood-regulator. Calms you down when your mad, picks you up when you're sad, regulates euphoric endorphin release when you get excited?

I like it.

chrishaley said...

I can't sees it. What is it?!

Dylan said...

You can't see the link? Sad. It's a Variety story talking about a (wait for it) new Muppets movie written by Jason Segel from Freaks & Geeks and How I Met Your Mother.

This is awesome news.

chrishaley said...

Wow.. that's weird. I look forward to anything Muppety though, so I'm on board.