Recent Work, vol. 1

A printer we do a lot of work with recently held their annual Clambake. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it's basically a barbeque. With seafood. Namely, clams. Anyway, I was given the job of creating their invitation and some take-away pieces for them.

Here's the invite front:

Then we flip it over:

We open the outer flap:

We get the inside with their logo. They like to try and do something interesting with the "L" every time. Here we have a a pretty clam-digging lady:

We open the inner flaps and are treated to fake newspaper (I mean, what else do you wrap seafood in?) with news stories like "Local Man Eats Own Weight In Cor On the Cob" and "Man-Sized Clams Spotted In Lake Eerie," which was sort of fun to write

The invite itself is a coaster that can be used before the event as well as placed at tables during the event:

The back of the invite contains all pertinent information:

We also created t-shirts for the event. Here's the front and arm sleeve (it's supposed to be sort of like a tattoo):

And here's the back:

i also designed a box for the shirt, but it didn't print so well (ironic, I know), but it was pretty cool to see all of this stuff at the clambake. It was a fun project and I think it turned out pretty well. So... this is what I do all day. Awesome, right?


Candace said...

great work, Dyl.

Jesse said...

very cool. i'd make a post of what I do all day but who wants to look at 1,000 spreadsheets and financial models?

Dylan said...

Did you say "spreadsheets"?!? Awesome!

QueenCherine said...

So is this what you do all day? And you call this work? just kidding. That invites look great. Where were you when I was getting married DANG GINA you could of done mine all Dylan cool style!!!

Erin said...

very cool. I even read your newspaper, and was very amused!

Patti said...