BRR Goes To the Movies, vol. 13

Welcome to John Cusack Week at Big Red Robot. Yeah, it's another Cusack movie. What can I say, I think the guy's great. Seriously, I'd watch the guy in anything... I mean, I watched Must Love Dogs which was just... yeah, not good. I am a firm believer in the tenet that any movie can be made better by the addition of John Cusack. I call this the Cusack Equation. C (where "C" = Cusack) + AM (wherein "AM" = Any Movie) = B (where "B" = Better) x 10. Citizen Kane? Better with Cusack. Casablanca? Dude, come on. the Sound Of Music? Oh heck yeah.

This one looks a little, okay a lot, cheesy, but it's got the irresistible (well, to me at least) John & Joan one-two punch, so, Martian Child, take your place in the Queue.


QueenCherine said...

Modern Cusack is cool but I LOVE John Cusack in the 80's!!!!!! But glad he is still around!

cbhoff said...

I totally believe in c+am=bx10. Cusack is awsome. I've been waiting to see Martian Child since April, seriously.