BRR Goes To the Movies, vol. 16

Oh heck yes. It's No Country For Old Men, which features the Coen brothers in their element: bloody, loud and darkly funny (see also: Miller's Crossing, Fargo, Blood Simple... man those guys can make movies when they want to, can't they? Don't even get me started on the Big Lebowski. That movie is amazing. Toally foul and inapproproate, but Ah. Maze. Ing.). This looks like the illegitimate offspring of Raising Arizona and Blood Simple, which, if that doesn't sell it... well, then there is no hope for our children's future.

This one is Theater all the way... if I can find someone to go with me, that is. I doubt that Candace would want to sit through that much blood, right, lady? Hey, anybody wanna come see Cleveland? I'll pay for your ticket.

Well, your movie ticket at least.


No popcorn, though. You're on your own there.

Okay. I'll buy popcorn.

But no soda. Final offer.

There's also a "Red Band" 17+ trailer at the movie's site so be prepared to verify your age.


Patti said...

That's a theatre movie for me. I agree with everything you said about the Big Lebowski and Fargo is in my top 20 . . . I'm in. But I can't come to Cleveland.

Dylan said...


b3n said...

I'll meet you in Kansas