There's Nothing Up My Sleeve / Nothing That's Cool

Those of you around my age will no doubt have some sort of connection with the R.E.M. album Automatic For the People. I remember hearing "Drive" on the radio while I got ready to go to seminary one morning and being completely blown away. It's a beautiful, haunting (if somewhat dated) album and one that, at its cultural zenith, completely captivated me. Yes, I was one of those arty, sensitive types in high school, writing lonely, wounded poetry while trying to decipher the obtuse lyrics on Fables Of the Reconstruction. Heck, I still am that person. Well, minus the awkward poetry.

In honor of its 15 year anniversary, music blog Stereogum has put together a tribute album of indie artists doing a song-for-song cover of the record. It's called Drive XV and you can download it here. Some high points include Rogue Wave covering "the Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite," the Veils tackling "Drive" with their usual overblown drama and the Shout Out Louds doing "Man On the Moon."

It's free music. What more do you people want?

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rose said...

this day just keeps getting better & better.
if this isn't pure awesomeness, i don't know what is.
thanks for sharing! can't wait to download it.