BRR Goes To the Movies, vol. 15

I've been pretty vocal about how I think Woody Allen's best work is behind him, but this one, Cassandra's Dream, I'll see, despite the fact that Collin Ferrell is in it. Match Point was a masterfully made movie (even though it was just Crimes & Misdemeanors with the "funny" Alan Alda/Woody subplot removed and it was sort of creepy) and I would love for Woody to surprise me. I love that unlovable miscreant, what can I say? In a perfect world, this would be Theater material.


Patti said...

um, theatre for me (or "us").

b3n said...

I enjoyed Match Point, and really enjoy the mystery movies Allen is making.

Ewan MacGregor? +1 .
No Scarlett Johanssen? +1 (I love her, but it's nice to see Woody make a movie without her these days
Colin Farrel? We'll See.
Shot in England or wherever they drive right hand cars? Par for the course, these days.

Although I would like to see it in the Theater, I'm almost positive it will be a Rental.

Thanks for posting, BRR.