Let Slip the Hounds Of Hyperbole! (or) Challenging Challengers

Jesse, are you serious? Challengers = Revolver? As my man Pete Doherty, aka Babyshambles, would say: "Put the pipe down." I kid, I kid. Alright. I'll play along.

Five Albums From 2007 That Are Better Than Challengers:

1. Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
2. LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver
3. Band Of Horses - Cease To Begin
4. Sondre Lerche - Phantom Punch
5. Super Furry Animals - Hey, Venus!

And as long as I'm list-making, here's a few more that I'd rate higher than Challengers:

Jens Lekman - Night Falls On Kortedala
Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
Gruff Rhys - Candylion
Radiohead - In Rainbows
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - #3
They Might Be Giants - the Else
Peel - Peel
*edited to add: Panda Bear - Person Pitch
I also just downloaded the new David Byrne Live From Austin album which makes the list for a couple of reasons:

1. It contains his mind-blowingly rad version of Whitney Huston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody".
2. It's features David Byrne. 'Nuff Said.

Which puts Challengers firmly outside the Top 10.


PS. I am fully aware that these lists are totally subjective. I just like to argue now and then. It's fun, right? It's like Music Nerd Fu. Me, I fight Mantis style. My fist is like the hammer of heaven raining down upon the necks your ancestors. My Pao is Kung of the Highest Order. Anybody else got a "Top 5 Of 2007 So Far" list they wanna post? Then do so... NOW! FIGHT!!!


huston/lilia said...
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huston/lilia said...

I tried to pick a different five from dylan, since most of those would have been on my 5. so:
1. The Thrills- Teenager
2. The White Stripes- Icky Thump
3. Arcade Fire- Neon Bible
4. Panda Bear-Person Pitch
5. Okervill River-Stage Names

Alternates: Josh Ritter, Iron and Wine, Animal Collective, Feist.

Not that the New Pornographers was bad, I liked it from the beginning, but I think it's got a lot of competition this year.

And again all rules of subjectivity apply. Just my humble, astoundingly correct opinion.

b3n said...

I don't know about making Top 5 lists. But I'm glad to see that In Rainbows made it to yours, BRR. That album is real good. Finally an accessible album that's not Pablo Honey. I can put it on for non-Radiohead fans and their heads don't asplode...right away.

Holy Crap. Neon Bible was this year? Yeesh. Time flies.

I think you can make a Top 5 list that doesn't contain Challengers. That being said, can I have your top 5 so far? And don't forget Armchair Apocrypha.

P.S. I can't believe you guys don't have Zeitgeist on either of your lists.

(for those who can't tell, my tongue was firmly in my cheek during that last comment)

Dylan said...

Oh yeah. I forgot about that Panda Bear album (actually, I just made a smart playlist with "Year Is: 2007" and it left it off, so...). I am editing the post to include it. "Take Pills" is seriously one of the best songs, like, ever.

I'd lump the New P album in with the White Stripes and Arcade Fire albums - they're good, but not that good. Y'know what I mean? Same thing with Armchair Apocrypha which I was in love with at first, but have slowly settled into just "like".

Jesse said...

Let me unleash a little TRUTH on ya:

Before I get to my list, it was interesting as I wrote it discoverings a few undercurrent battles going on:

The battle of Sweden: PBJ, Jens, Shout Out Louds
The battle of the alt country wunderkinds: Wilco, Son Volt, Ryan Adams
The battle of the Bruce's: Arcade Fire, Killers, Bruce Springsteen

And now for the list.

1. Armchair Apocrypha - too rich and textured to ignore. Sounds like it was recorded in a huge dark cathedral
2. Challengers - Obviously Revolver is hyperbole meant to incite discussion (or riots, or both...). When I say Revolver I mean this band is at it's peak but has also begun going down a road it can't return from. The voices (musically and lyrically) have never been so strong individually yet depended on one another so much for balance. And Neko as always is a revelation. I'm open to a re-ordering of the list come December, but as of now these guys are very close to the top.
3. Neon Bible - was recorded in a huge dark cathedral - and it's the best Bruce Springsteen album since Born to Run
4. Historical Conquests - Carrying the torch for all the singer-songwriters (Bright Eyes, Iron & Wine, even Ryan Adams)
5. Gagagagaga - should have been an EP. Then it would have been #4.

Very close honorable mentions
Stage Names (a little mopey and whiney after a while -- are these guys really Rusted Root?), Our Ill Wills (the Cure and Jam references come through shamelessly, but also shamelessly listenable and definitely wins for best of Sweden), The Search (wins my battle of the Alt Country wunderkinds - Son Volt, Wilco, and Ryan Adams), Boxer (I just keep discovering more great tracks from this album as I'm listening to 2007 music on shuffle), Icky Thump (not a weak track on there), Cassadega (Bright Eyes finally converted me), Magic (yes, THAT Magic...but mostly because it makes me think of Neon Bible and Born to Run)

Needless to say, the music of 2007 wouldn't be nearly as awesome as it has been so far without any of the above albums. Looks like I have to look up at least a couple more that made your lists but I haven't even heard yet - Time to go grabem all and throw them on the Sansa. Viva la Rhapsody!

And I spent enough time on this comment that it is now going to become a full-blown post on MY BLOG

Jesse said...

Just looked at your list again and realized that Band of Horses is on there. Seriously? Better than Challengers? Seriously? Talk about one long song...gotta admit I really like the first track, but after that, snooze-o-rama.

But my mind is nothing if not open, so I'll give the local boys another chance.

Dylan said...

I know that BOH is not for everybody, but I loves 'em. Lots.

And yes. Seriously.

Jesse said...

Sorry dude. I called you out right on your own blog. Bad form. Just listened to Cass McCombs' "Dropping the Writ" and surprisingly enough it's alot like BOH and I really dug it big time. Very mellow, almost AOR but with some unconventional turns here and there. Not quite the beard music that BOH is, but when you're in the mood, I think McCombs will suit you fine.

Dylan said...

Jesse, no worries. It's totally cool.