Recent Work, vol. 2

Another one of my recent pieces for the local Red {an orchestra}, a brand we (meaning my company, Twist) helped build from the ground up. In honor of their sixth season, we came upon the idea of Russian Matroyshka dolls (there's generally six of them inside) and thought that the idea of surprise and experience fit well with an orchestra who has done concerts that featured puppets, the music of Frank Zappa and orchestral arrangements of Led Zeppelin songs. Not all in the same concert, though. That would be crazy.

The brochures arrive like this:

The brochures (there are five of them: an introductory brochure, one for each concert and a subscription brochure) are slid into a sleeve that, once you pull them out of the sleeve, replicates the Matroyshka experience.

,p>Each concert has its own illustration to go along wit the feeling of the event. We just found out that the last concert, the one featuring Oscar-winning composer-conductor Tan Dun has been postponed until next season as Tan Dun is the music coordinator for the Olympics and can't make it this season, so... yeah.

Anyway, so there's my latest work. Just thought I'd share.

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Candace said...

Russia is so hot right now. just kidding.

you already know that i LOVE this. you are so cool.