BRR Goes To the Movies, vol. 19

Hmmm. I expected Sweeney Todd to be more of a dark comedy than the drama the trailer seems to be painting it as. Still, it's Tim Burton and that guy's gained a lot of leverage simply by directing Ed Wood - one of the best movies of all time. Period. - and Big Fish, which is pretty much a flawless film, so, I'll Rent it, if only to escape the inevitable deluge of obnoxious goth kids that accompany the release of any Tim Burton &/or Johnny Depp movie. [sigh] I'm so glad I no longer work in the mall. Can you imagine how (much more) obnoxious Hot Topic will be?

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b3n said...

Well, it looks gorgeous, I will say that. I also think we need more musical films. We'd Rent it.