Paging Dr. Dylio

My eMac got sick. I got it a few years ago when I was a student and it has served me well for what it is. But it is old. I'm running old versions of the software (when Leopard hits, I will be two versions behind) and well, stuff happens.

See, I tried a couple weekends ago to install Tiger (the most current and soon-to-be-outdated version of the Mac OS) on my wimpy, old machine. It did not go well. The installer program pretty much laughed at me. And that is how I screwed my computer up.

I ended up having to take it in to the Apple store over in Legacy Village to get it fixed. It is a heavy machine. I think it's filled with bricks. Well, bricks and some technology stuff too, I guess.

I always imagine the Apple store employees rolling their eyes (if not physically then mentally) when they see such an ancient, unwieldy (but still pretty, don't get me wrong) relic pass through their doors and on past the skinny, gleaming machines that Apple keeps perfecting (those new iMacs are sick! Just look at that keyboard! You could cut fruit with that thing, it's so skinny!). Sort of like how I would roll my eyes at the "old" ladies who came in to the Gap and demanded the (now thankfully discontinued) Classic Fit jeans (you know... Mom Jeans?). Yuck.

Anyway, so I screwed up my computer with Tiger and have been having troubles here and there for the last couple of weeks. The final straw came when I went to add a printer last night and the Printer Setup Utility kept crashing. Repeatedly.

Not good.

I tried this and that and finally had to just wipe the system clean and reinstall the OS from scratch. Don't worry, everything got backed up on the external hard-drive (hopefully everything... we'll see), but I've spent, literally, the entire morning reinstalling all the apps and updates from forever ago. I'm pretty sure there was one for if your computer gets attacked by saber-toothed tigers in there.

Anyway, so that's been my Saturday morning. Well, that and a few cartoons. I think I'll head over to the library once I get showered (please don't check the time stamp on this post, as it will reveal the severity of my Saturday morning laziness). I'll post the POW! later and we will have the final BRR Goes To the Movies post, oh, let's say tomorrow, shall we?

Until then, take care, Internets.

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courtnee said...

Oh, how I remember the "old" ladies at gap.