Happy Nevada Day!

"Congratulations, Mr. Lincoln! It's a state!"

As we all know, today is the day that we celebrate the birth of the Silver State. Happy Birthday, Nevada! Hope you all have a safe and sane Nevada Day celebration.

Oh yeah, it's also Halloween.

I always loved that we got the day of Halloween off of school when I was a kid. That was awesome. Candace said they don't do it anymore. To that I say: "WTH?!" How else can we celebrate the day that our fine state was pulled, bloody and screaming, from the womb of these 50 Nifty United States? Also, how else can we celebrate sitting around, waiting for it to get dark so we can get candy? For free! For free, I say!

Somehow, this is all Ann Coulter's fault.

Anyway, remember to check your candy. There's some real nutballs out there. Keep it tizz-ight for shizzle. I've got to go steal some of my daughter's candy and smash some pumpkins.



rose said...

now i feel ripped off. halloween never counted as a holiday when i was a kid. no fair.

Dylan said...

Rose, I assure it was not as cool as it sounds. It really was a lot of waiting around to trick-or-treat. In shorts.

Okay, so it was pretty cool.

Jesse said...

Even though I haven't lived in Nevada for 16 years (can that really be true? egads! Did I just say egads? Yikes!) it still seems strange that Halloween isn't a holiday.

Dylan said...

I feel your pain. I was sitting at work thinking, "Why am I here? It's Halloween! Halloween, people!""

rose said...

did you get the holiday off because it was "nevada day", or because it was halloween, or both?
because i don't remember celebrating "washington day" either.
and now i know why: after researching (i'm a bad WA resident), washington because a state on november 11th, which is also veteran's day.
us washington kids were definitely robbed of an extra day off school.
it would have been great not to have school on halloween. but i suppose all was not lost because instead we had cool halloween parades at school that day in our et & star wars costumes.

Dylan said...

Technically it was for Nevada Day. It is (was?) a state holiday, so state gov't buildings were closed for the day, etc.

I have a sneaking suspicion it was also to get those antsy kids out of the teacher's classrooms. Although if th teachers had that much clout, you'd think they would put it to use getting themselves a decent pay rate, right?