Boys Becoming Men, Men Becoming Wolves

Did anybody else almost pee themselves with laughter when Tracy mentioned his "spooky, scary hit," "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" a couple of weeks back on 30 Rock? Because I sure did.

Well, NBC.com is hosting a contest where you can shoot your own video for the song. Yeah, it's a shameless grab for some sort of viral fame, but hey, if it draws people to the show, I'm all for it, because I don't think I can stand the heartbreak of losing a show this good. Not after Arrested Development.

That made say this: " : ( "

More exciting than this though is that fact that they have the full version of the song available to download right here. See? There on the left. Sweet, right? And just in time for Halloween, too.

This makes me say: "Wheee!"


Allen TenBusschen said...

I must have missed this one, WOW this is amazing, I can't wait to see what people make for this.

Caitlin said...

It was stuck in my head all day yesterday.

Dylan said...

You and me both, Caitlin.