"Every girl/That I've seen since/Looks just like you/When I squint."

Art Brut. "Emily Kane." From the album Bang Bang Rock & Roll which is A Big Red Robot Recommended Title.™ It' like Oprah's book club. Only for music.

And not lame.

I am so looking forward to my eMusic downloads refreshing so I can download their newest, It's A Bit Complicated.

Also, as I was searching (unsuccessfully) for the cover for the album (it's got a protractor and a square, get it?), I somehow found this picture which is both hilarious and disturbing. Which makes it... hilariousturbing? Distarious? Histurbinglious? Just look at it and you can tell me:

Uh... yeah. So... yeah.


b3n said...

1.click on image for hi res version
2.right click->save image as

my work here is done.
thank you sir.

b3n said...

here's the album cover

Anonymous said...

dead bigredrobot,

Please use some discretion when posting pictures on your page. For example, I could've gone my entire life without seeing that picture of ... He-Man and She-Ra, is it? What an eye-sore and entirely inappropriate for the bigredrobot.

very respectfully,


Dylan said...


Don't run from your feelings.

Give He-Man a hug.

b3n said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
b3n said...


comment 1 was me saving the he-man picture. thank you.

comment 2 was me finding your album cover (will the wiki guys evar stop?)

comment 3 was me testing the delete option

comment 4 is me explaining myself cause i feel like i made this page all messy.