I Am Such A Total Blog Tease

I was going to try and commit to a record review a week, but... well, I'm gloriously bad at that kind of "regularly scheduled" type of stuff, so I will just say this: I would like to try and review an album a week. I don't know how regular of a feature this will actually be in real life. Jesse had mentioned he'd like to see something like this in a comment on a former post, and on paper (screen? Oh future, why must you confuse everything?), it sounds possible, so we'll give it a whirl. I promise nothing.

I tried something like this with another blog - the defunct Wall Of Sound (you can witness its birth andspeedy demise if you're so inclined) - and as great of an idea as it was, it was also insane. Seriously, I don't do drugs, but maybe I did and forgot about it when I decided that writing a review for every album in my massive music collection (currently residing in a hollowed-out mountain in western Colorado) was a doable thing.

Bat-crap insane.

Mel Gibson insane.

Whoever green-lit Rush Hour 3 insane.

Right now, I'm going through my music library. Alphabetically. Sort of. See, I listen to music all day long as I sit, shackled to my MacPro G5, designing things graphically. So, I decided to put all the albums that start with the letter "A," as well as any that start with numbers (this is before the newest iTunes update screwed all that up and put those ones at the end as well as fixed some alphabetical incongruence) on my iPod and am listening to those tracks in alphabetical order. Thus is the depth of my O.C.D.

I got through the "A"s last week and am elbow-deep in the "B"s right now.

I think I'll be taking a break from it after this. Give the ol' O.C.D. a little vacation. Buy it a cruise or something.

What am I talking about? Seriously, I've been going on and on about nothing for like, forever. What is my point?

Oh yeah. Music review.

Anyway, so this little O.C.D. jaunt has, in its circuitous way, brought me to the album I'm going to review: Sebadoh's 1994 release, Bakesale. I had planned on this post being the review for this album, but, well, I think I've gone on far too long, so... I guess I'll just post a picture of a kitten and save the review for another day. Maybe tomorrow. So... kittens! Three of 'em!



rose said...

first, thanks for the golden summer cd. love it!

secondly, this is lol funny. the kittens are just awesome.

b3n said...

"He has become self aware, he knows when he's rambling now. We need to pull the plug."

"I know we should, but then what would I do when I need to LoL?"

"I'm seriously thinking about putting in to have you removed of your command."

"That will be up to the board. In the meantime, LoL!"

Patti said...

blog tease...