More Funny Shirts To Cover One's Nakedness

I think I need this shirt:

The link is right here.

This one's funny too, although it is a little PG. Kids, ask your parents if you don't understand.

Someday I will buy a shirt from Threadless... someday. Unfortunately, "clothing" falls under "comic books," on my needs pyramid, which looks something like this:

(click it to super-size it)

Yeah, so... what was I talking about?


Candace said...

you are CRAZY!!

and very funny.

Caitlin said...

Where do you find these awesome shirts? You are like a pro-surfer.

Dylan said...

Caitlin, to answer your question, I signed up for the newsletter.

Also, my internet surfing skills are rugged!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pyramid, Dyl.
I love that you sat down and worked on something like that.
And the mullet thing, hilarious -- I'm still waiting on bigredrobot to start its original on-line comics serial thing --
you're so there; you're so ready.



Patti said...

Wow. Breakdancing is ABOVE explosions.