I So Want Some Caffeine Right Now

It's after lunch. I am sleepy. I need caffeine. I am trying to quit caffeine. I must be crazy. I really want a Coke right now. Badly. I can't drink it because I am trying to quit. I am sad and sleepy and want a Coke and I sort of have a headache because I am quitting caffeine. Every time I spell "quitting" I transpose the last two letters and end up with "quittign." That is not how you spell it. Also I just typed "spel" instead of "spell" and while this sounds correct when you say it out loud, it is not. I think I am misspelling so many words because I am sleepy. I still have three-and-a-half more hours until quitting time. How will I make it without caffeine?

This is my problem and it is of immense proportions.


b3n said...

Are you serious about trying to quit? I'm looking for someone who would go on a, say, 40 day "caffeine lent" with me. The object, of course, would be to quit forever; but you can't really have a life-lent-bond can you? If your interested in having a buddy who's going through the same thing, let me know. We can call each other when we get weak and stuff. We can be, like, virtual shoulders to cry on. I'm nervous as I'm writing this, because of what it could mean if you agreed. It may be a great idea or it may be a wholly unhealthy, co-dependent, no-chance-to-make-it thing. I'm all for it.

No pressure.
Consider the children.
No pressure.
It's only addiction.

(...Now where's that sugar free Red Bull? Oh, here it is, behind the Diet Coke (which is tasting better(and that's how I know I have to quit.)))
(Ben likes parentheses and uses them to his _____(You fill in the blank.( In your head!)))

Patti said...


Been there . . .

A brownie maybe? A candy bar?

Candace said...

Be strong, Dyl. You can do it!

Dylan said...

Ben - I'm game.

Patti - I already had a fudgesicle and a cookie and... nothing.

Candace - I will be strong. For you. : (

b3n said...

Okay, man. I've had caffeine today, so... Howabout...

July 27 --> September 5.

That's 40 days. I think. Check the math.

Dylan said...

Sounds good, Ben.

b3n said...

Okay, it's on.
Gulp (as in scared).
Here's to humility.

Dylan said...

Does it matter that this is day three for me?

Dylan said...

Nevermind. I will go the distance with you, cousin o' mine.

b3n said...

Let's see how you feel on (my) day 37. Good Luck, man.