Three Cheers For Mister McFeely

Attention winners: The mixtapes are in the mail. Let the anticipation mount!

They were a lot of fun to make. Like, "this is probably illegal this is so much fun," type of fun. I can guarantee that Candace is tired of hearing/looking/listening to them by now.* I probably went overboard (okay, so I did go overboard), but you guys are worth it, right? Right?


Anyway, they are in the shaking, sweaty, psychopathic hands of the USPS as of this afternoon, so start checking your mailboxes... now!

*You my girl!


Candace said...

Mister McFeely!!!!!!!! Awesome!

and I am kinda tired of the mix cds from this weekend...but they are way cool. you did a great job. everybody should love them.

Caitlin said...

I can't wait to get my mixtape!

Does it creep anyone out that his name is Mr. McFeely? Russell and I were just talking about this (Mr. Rogers was on). Creeps me out.

rose said...

yes, i am creeped out by his name too.
and i'm excited to get my mixed tape. thanks again!

Dylan said...

I was going to make some sort of joke about the creepiness of the name McFeely, but I decided to take the high road.

I realize now that this was probably a mistake.

Brooke said...

Dylan, I still want to hear your joke. McFeely...sounds like Lester the Molester to me.

I'm so excited to get my mix tape...actually anything cool in the mail is fun to get. Thanks Dylan.

Patti said...

Mr. McFeely isn't right.

I'm suprised Eddie Murphy didn't have a sidekick to play him when he did his version of Mr. Rogers on SNL. Endless possiblities.

Jenny + Mark = Love said...

Thanks so much for the mix tape. It is awesome. My kids are lovin' it too!
What's the scoop for next month? I would be willing to step up and make the next one. Just give us our instructions and I'll be on my way!