They Must Be Giants

A quote from They Might Be Giants' John Linnell from an interview over at PopMatters on working with Disney on their highly recommended children's DVD/CD, Here Come the ABC's:
“John and I flew out to Burbank to meet people there and play some of our songs and, you know, did some schmoozing. And, so we went out to L.A. and in the morning we got picked up at our hotel by this van that was black and had, like, really dark tinted windows and this guy in this suit [who] looks like a Secret Service guy—he opened the door for us and we got in, and he slammed the door behind us. And then John turned to me and said, ‘I wonder if this was the van where they removed Hillary Duff’s soul?’”

I love those guys. I think I'll be downloading their newest, The Else, when my eMusic downloads refresh on Thurdsay.

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