I Love YouTube Posts

I don't care what people say; I love you, YouTube posts. Because I really like this song, video and album and this is a great way to make you pay at least a little attention to it. Hit it, YouTube!

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names from their album #3. I will tell you what, Sweden has it going on. These guys, Jens Lenkman, the Shout Out Louds, Peter, Bjorn & John, Dungen, some other bands I'm probably forgetting, those little delicious fish candies and the meatballs, Oh! Saints be praised! the meatballs. And let us not forget Ikea, boon to poor hipsters everywhere. Sweden, we salute you! If this whole America thing doesn't work out, I will definitely be calling you.

Sweden = teh rules!!!1!

P.S.: If you're serious about the art of mixtapery, you had best get on the list. It closes on Saturday.


Candace said...

Sweden is so hot right now.

great song.

Dylan said...

I know! I mean, what's the first thing Sadie draws this morning?!

Dylan said...

I just teased your post. See how I did that?