Poster Rock

I have been a busy little designer. I made the below poster over the weekend for my brother Bryan's band, the Novelty Act*. They're playing First Friday again, this time with my homie Frank "Frankie Android/Angel" Salvo's band, Romance Fantasy. I tried to come up with something that took both of their names and mixed them up. I call it "Romance Novelty."

Posters are fun, aren't they?

(make with the click-click to ginormo-size it)

Sometime this week I have to make a cover for Huston's band's (Numbers Like Pi) demo CD. I am having a hard time coming up with something cool for them that fits their sound/aesthetic and has nothing at all to do with numbers. They're kind of an emo band, so I want something that speaks that language. I don't. Hardly at all. Any help by those fluent in this dialect would be appreciated.

*See the sidebar for the linky links to my brothers'ss bands's'. But BEWARE! They're hooked on that nasty MySpace crack, so be careful!!! Click responsibly!


Brandt said...

Man you are all over that sweet poster stuff right now.

It's hot.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Dyl; this one's very cool.

yours anonymously,


Candace said...

excellent work! love, love, love it!