Right Now, At ThisVery Moment In Time, This - This - Is My Favorite Song

Make with the clickety-click to listen:

If you haven't purchased Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga yet, you are no longer allowed to read this site. That's it. We are through. I am cutting you off, young sir or madam. I wash my hands of you. Go to your room and think about what you've done. I can't even look at you. Why do you hate the awesome so much? Where did I go wrong as a blogger? Where?

Just... just go.

UPDATED! From an Onion AV Club interview with Britt Daniel, lead singer/guitarist of the incredibly incredible rock combo and Big Red Robot favorite, Spoon:

AVC : Can you see yourself ever stopping?
BD : I don't have any intention to stop. Rock 'n' roll is my main concern.

Oh hecks yes. It's official, "Rock & Roll Is My Main Concern" is going on my business cards.

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b3n said...

Speaking of your music problem, what's up with the mixtapery? Are we to languish with one tape from one person and that's all? Did you get enough people who were "in"?

If so, let's get on with it. Give 'em (us? Dude, am I in? Seriously!) access to the blog, assign some, uh , assignments, and let's get this party started!

I'm so freakin' totally looking forward to everyone's musical tastes, broadening my own horizons, or just kicking back to some fun stuff (or not fun, I can be emo for the duration of a listen).

Anyway, let's get it goin!

btw-Let's Get This Party Started is going in my mixtape so please don't steal it y'all.