It's On Like Comic-Con

So the Comic-Con Mothernerdship has landed in San Diego. One of these days I'll make my way there for the geek-tastic five-day extravaganza and will bore you to tears with (not at all) amusing anecdotes on this very blog. Someday, dear readers, some day. Don't give up hope. Stay strong. Don't cry.

Normally, the announcements that come out of cons are either "meh," (creator exclusives? Who really cares? Seriously, is there anyone even left anymore that isn't contracted to either of the big two? "DC Announces That That One Guy That Did That One Cover That You Thought Was Kind Of Cool Has Gone Exclusive!") or "Oh, please no" (Jeph Loeb on Wolverine - or Loeb on anything, really - for example).

This one, however, is "Oh hecks yes."

I've made it abundantly clear how much Paul Pope rocks and as THB is out of print (and as of now still not completed, though Pope mentioned it's on its way to completion over at his blog), this is exciting news indeed. Plus, First Second is a classy establishment with high production values and a roster of impressive creators and books. They "get it." Which I appreciate.

Anyway, so that's my Comic-con update. Expect more throughout the weekend, though I promise to try and be not really boring. Scout's honor.

Also, a quick reminder: If you want in on Mixtapery and haven't signed up yet, head over to the blog and follow the directions to get on "the List." You don't want to not be on "the List," believe you me. You will be sad. Oh, so sad. You will cry tears of left-outedness and will be inconsolable forever and ever.

And ever. Just sign up, okay?

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