The Blackest Of Blues

Check out Ben Gibbard's recent live show from the All Songs Considered podcast. An amazing mix of songs, all of them sad as a bag of drowned kittens. Truly he is the King of Sad Sack Pop.

Here's a link to the All Songs homepage. If you're not subscribed to the podcast through iTunes, first off, what is wrong with you? and secondly, you can download the episodes from there. Because it's awesome.

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Jesse said...

It's all about the Seattle music scene baby! Cracks me up that every 5th song here is either Nirvana or Pearl Jam...and it's the vintage Pearl Jam, not the new stuff. The new kids (Death Cab, Postal Service, Modest Mouse, etc) get their share of play too...

We had a ward talent show a couple of weeks ago and I swear Ben Gibbard was there...at least that's who all the younguns sounded like...I've never seen more guitars at a ward talent show. Better get mine ready for next year!